07 November, 2011

Monday - this week needs to be better!

So we made it through the weekend, a little cold and wet but safe in our snug house. Decided not to burn the logs last night, we're saving them for Terra Nova and House tonight.

I watched part of the Mark Harmon movie set in MSP last night. Wonder if that's closer to his character than old Jethro is? But he's been married to Pam Dawber for a long time and that's a miracle in Hollywood. It's that Catholic upbringing I bet.

The ham bone is in the pot and will cook for an hour, I'll take the meat off and then I'll add the celery, carrots and yellow split peas. No green peas in this house, only yellow! Just at the very end I'll add some potato flakes to thicken the soup up. I like my pea soup thick and thicker. My kids love it and I have some fresh bread and/or crackers to go with. I might even have a salad on the side.

My hives have settled down. Last week they were horrible. It's stress related so now we need to deal with the stress. I was so swollen it wasn't funny. I wish I could do like the song says, Don't Worry Be Happy. 

So how 'bout those Packers, eh? Cheese heads rule, doncha know!

So until tomorrow, as sands flow through the hourglass, so flows the days of our lives. . . . . . 


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