03 November, 2011

Missed yesterday....But NoBlogMo

Even if it's drivel I'm going to blog every single day of this month.

Today I have things to say.
Picked up the car. Had to be jumped.
Drove it to rental car place to drop off rental. Car died. Car wouldn't jump, tried hitting starter. No Joy.
Called my mom. She came with her AAA card. Called towing service. They hooked up and we took it to her mechanic. Mechanic says I'll do estimate and call you back. Mechanic calls me back. 1/2 a paycheck to do major tune up. Says it will be as good as new. S'okay. Will be done tomorrow afternoon. The perks of having a local mechanic.

Hives have broken out all over, 
All over the back and chest and arms,
Red wheals are all I see,
Covering most of me, and
Meds don't make me feel so good.

See you tomorrow!

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