04 November, 2011

I'm broke, no Joke, Hate California, It's cold and It's Damp....That's why

The Lady is a SCAMP.

A broke scamp. All my grocery money, costco money, christmas present money was thrown at the altar of the almighty car today. But it's running, it's got gas, and it doesn't stall. Am I thrilled? I guess so, but the thought of top ramen scares me. It'll take us a couple of weeks to catch up. Not exactly a thrilling prospect. 

Lit the fire and have been reading my book. Cold outside and I don't know where my jacket is. Not thrilled about that. 

Got up early to follow the husband over to the body shop to get his van fixed from the intrusion it suffered. Then he went to the dentist to get a crown prepped. Had to pick him back up and take him to the van. Got a call from the garage, that in addition to everything else we needed a new battery. $$$. I don't look like I am rich. Drove the sled over to the mechanic, left it there because it needed to have the muffler checked. Paid my bill and came home in the pouring rain. Turned on the heater and then got the fire lit so I turned the heater down. Why waste the gas when I can have a fire?

HAve to be at LAX tonight at 2100 to pick up the wandering daughter. She told me she's really considering moving to Chicago in 2 years. I could handle her being gone because I think she's totally the more mature child. 

Oh yeah, hives all over my neck. 
I am tired. I am cold. I am out of money. Ugh.
da bunny

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