15 November, 2011

Now I lay me down to sleep.......

I say my prayers every single night. Drunk, sober, what ever, before I close my eyes I say 
Now I lay me down to sleep, 
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I should die before I wake, 
I pray thee Lord my soul to take.

Then I say the Lord's Prayer.  Every single night. For as long as I remember. It's comforting to know that the Lord will protect me through the night. From all things. I don't say a lot about my faith, I bitch about lousy church music, I rejoice in good choral concerts singing a Mozart Requiem, but my real faith, well that's between me and my God. I believe that I have freely received grace because it was offered to me without any strings. Accepted it and I was freed from the bondage of sin. I was baptized as an infant, and have been walking wet since then. I've accepted my place in the scheme of things. I may not ever do a miraculous thing, but I sure can pray for the Lord to help people deal with their troubles. 

So tonight before you go to sleep, thank the person up there in the universe who's made things good for you. I don't claim to know where heaven is, it could be a 3rd dimension to this world, it could be far past the known galaxies in the ether, but I think it's there and I hope to be there someday. 

da bunny

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