19 November, 2011

Da Beach

This was the view from the window of the place I had brunch today. The big thing on the right side that looks like a bunker is a sand berm to prevent erosion from winter storms. This restaurant used to be a TACO BELL back in the day (1967-76). Then it became Scotties, and has been ever since. The best breakfast place in Hermosa Beach CA. I used to live in Hermosa Beach, before it got all uppity like it's northern neighbor Manhattan Beach. It used to be a place you could barhop down the street and someone would always make sure you made it safely home. I don't think that it's like that anymore. I'd love to live down there but it's not even feasible. $1900 for a 1 bedroom. Nope not anymore.

Football tomorrow. Hives always. Peace to all.
da bunny.

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