12 November, 2011

Saturday and why isn't my Football game on?

So it's college football Saturday and my favorite team the Badgers are playing the Gophers. WI v MN. And is it on any of the many channels showing football games? No. We got Penn State v Nebraska instead. And most of the news on the half time shows has been about Penn State and the child sex scandal. They have found that coaches are human beings and fallible.

The airplanes have been taking off west to east for nearly 1 1/2 days today. The winds have changed and  the tower has to control them. It's cool because you don't usually get them roaring over your head while you are driving. Loves me my jets! They don't make 'em like these any more though.

I found a new game to play or rather sit back and watch it unfold on my Itouch. It's called Godville and you basically have a God/dess and hero. Fun. It's also online. It's fun. Mindless fun. Lord knows I need it right about now.

Rained last night and it's been sprinkling off and on today. The plants will like that. When we send in the rent for next month we are going to request that they clean the side yard of the house. It's a disaster and it's dangerous. We've lived here for 5 months and they promised it would be cleaned out. I can't do my garden if it's full of crap. Yes, this is how they left the side yard when we moved in. I'm tired of it, it's dangerous and it needs to be dealt with. Sooner than later.
Proof here:

When the husband gets home from San Diego I'm going to have him go with me to Costco. I need a couple of things and I just don't want to go by myself. We need to get some more of their Imodium brand. It's a lot cheaper there than it is at the drugstore. I also want to check prices on their Zantac clone. I found that I could buy it at Walmart 65 pills for $4, while Ralphs (Kroger) sells 24 for $8. Can we say RIPOFF!!!! Same exact pills. 

So I don't have much else to say today. Packers play the Vikings on Monday night. Yeah.

Peace and out. 
da bunny

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