11 November, 2011

Shuffling along through 11/11/11

Muggy and cloudy and just a match for today.  Here's some tunes to get you through the weekend....

  1. Stars Tonight                                Lady Antebellum
  2. Witchy Woman                            The Eagles
  3. Fell In Love With A Boy             Joss Stone
  4. Change is What We Need           House of Gypsies
  5. I Shot the Sheriff                          Eric Clapton
  6. A Song for Jeffrey                       Jethro Tull
  7. Let It Grow                                  Eric Clapton
  8. Johnny B. Goode                        Chuck Berry
  9. Long Ago and Far Away            James Taylor and Joni Mitchell
  10. The House You're Building        Audrey Assad
Have a good evening peeps.

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