11 May, 2011

Things sure have changed....

Do you remember when MTV actually played music 24/7? And VH-1 played the 70's music since it was set up for oldies? I remember when the Music For Nothing video debuted on MTV. It was so cool to see a story with the music. And Billy Joel's Uptown Girl. Of course before cable I had an over the air payTV service called OnTV. I had an indoor antennae and a weird box to get the channels. But then there were only about 50 channels to choose from. How things have changed?

My family got their first color TV in 1969 so we could see the moon landing, but the moon is in shades of grey. Oxymoron. 

I do love my Coca Cola. I even switched to Pepsi (gasp, choke, cough) when New Coke came out and they didn't serve Classic Coke anymore. I can drink Coke Zero if I find it with Splenda but I don't like other sweeteners. I get horrible migraines from Diet Coke. Learned my lesson well with that. 


The kiddo and her dad went to see Thor last night. She's already seen it twice. I don't have any desire to see it. It'll be on cable soon enough. And heck ScyFy had a Thor knockoff already last weekend. 

It's getting closer. I got the paperwork from the mover today. I have a NTE price and I think the estimate was fair and well done. It helps that I spent a good 6 1/2 years in a moving company and I know how it goes. We're pretty sure we can do what we have planned to do. Boxes and misc small stuff and electronics on the 1st while we have the movers do the appliances and heavy stuff on the 2nd. I am still conflicted if I want to come back here on the 3rd and clean because I think the bank will re carpet and paint the interior after we leave. 

I checked the MLS listing last night because I wanted to verify something and  saw that they raised the price from 250K to 330K. No wonder no one has made an appointment to see it. There are so many better deals in the area at lower prices that raising it 80K is a death knell for the bank. I know the bank wants to recoup it's losses, I am sure that the house's mortgage is way over 450K because of the greed that hit. He only paid 180K for the house and then he re-fi'ed to remodel (taking out a tub to put in a large shower...not a hit for families with kids) and got greedy.When we first moved in the price of the house was 465K. For 1087 sq ft, 3 bedrooms 1 bath (3/4 actually) and a 12x12 room out back that's just that a room. Nice back yard, a spa that doesn't get hot. (Which we have to drain this weekend).

Hopefully some of this will all be a bad memory and things will improve once we have moved. I'm throwing out almost all my kitchen stuff and am starting new. I've got a wish list at a Corning site and I'm going to place the order for the new dishes next week. I am kind of excited about that. 

So until the next time. Remember what the Divine Miss M says:
Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke!

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