20 May, 2011

I'm Stealing this Idea from the Dixie Peach.... Friday Shuffle

And Ms Peach is cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Here's my Friday Shuffle !

1.   Judgement Day                 Eric Clapton
2.   Hideaway                         John Mayhall and the Bluesbreakers
3.   Tell the Truth                    Derek and the Dominos
4.   Nobody                            The Doobie Brothers
5.   Eyesight to the Blind        Aerosmith
6.   She's My Baby                 Traveling Wilburys
7.   Motherless Children          Eric Clapton
8.   Ramble Tamble                 Creedance Clearwater Revival
9.   On the Way Home            Crosby, Still, Nash and Young
10. The Low Spark of High
      Heeled Boys                     Traffic

See ya at 6:02 Saturday! 

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