14 May, 2011

Taking the day off

This is a pretty good picture of how I feel. Even though I'm sleeping better I guess the stress of this move is getting to me. Soon it will be over and I can sit in the hot tub, sip a glass of wine and listen to 70's music and relax. That is my goal.

I got some doggie downers. Actually after reading the ingredients I think I could give him a cup of beer and he would settle down. He's got way too much anxiety these days. Of course it could mean we're going to have an earthquake. He'll get another one in a couple of hours. I am done going out for the rest of the day so I can relax now. 

This is what I need. A long massage over my neck, shoulders and back. Mainly the neck and shoulders. Just to get some feeling back into the nerves. It hurts to hold up my head. I know I have a bulging disc in my neck and I think it's just getting worse with age. I put the Icy Hot on it and pray.

OK here is the Saturday ITunes Shuffle:

1.  If I Should Fall From Grace From God          The Pogues
2.  Big Rock Candy Mountain                               Harry McClintock
3.  Out on the Weekend                                          Neil Young
4.  The Tide is High                                                 Blondie
5.  Magpie to the Morning                                      Neko Case
6.  California                                                            Joni Mitchell
7.  Cecelia                                                                 Simon and Garfunkel
8.  Dead Man's Party                                              Oingo Boingo
9.  The Power is On!                                               The Go Team
10. Koop Island Blues                                        Koop featuring Ane Brun

Blessings to all and a restful night.

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