02 May, 2011

Life and thoughts.

I emailed this to a friend:

Can you imagine the number of things we have experienced in our lifetime?
Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuban Missile Crisis
JFK, RFK, MLK's assassination.
Apollo 1, the Challenger, The Columbia accidents.
Man walking on the moon
and now the death of the great Satan. 
All these things in our lifetimes. 
It's time for some peace in our time.

We're going through bins. One thing I found was a copy of my grandparents marriage record:

18 Jan 1897, Albert Friedrich Ferdinand X married Anna Emilie Maria X. He is the son of Johann X and Wilhelmina X. She is the daughter of Albert X and Caroline XWitnesses were Franz Hannenman, Herman Kuhl, Emilie Nienow,and Anna Marth. 

And of my Dad's baptismal record:

On 2 July1899 in Wausau, Franz August Emil X, born 7 May 1899, to Albert X and Anna geb X. Sponsors: Herman Marth, August Beltz, Emilie Nienow.

The spousal unit is on his way to Indianapolis. He'll call me when he gets there. Gonna be a long day for him. He'll be home tomorrow night.

Counting down till moving day. I am getting excited. We're getting things sorted slowly but it's a good sorting.

Peace and out.

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