21 May, 2011

Do you feel gypped?

Well here it is 18:26 on Saturday May 21, 2011 and the predicted Judgement Day hasn't occurred. Being that I believe to a be an Easter Person, celebrating the Risen Christ and his promises to me, I think it was a great scam while it lasted. I read in a report that the man told his daughter----
"He just said, 'I'm a little bewildered that it didn't happen, but it's still May 21 [in the United States],'' spoken this morning. "

Wonder what will happen tonight and tomorrow to the people who sold all their things because they were so sure. I'd be kind of pissed off about that. 

Was really excited today. We bought some new living room furniture. It was on sale. I can't explain how happy this has made me. The price was great and it will come tomorrow. I had hoped we could have it held till we moved. But no.

You know what I am tired of? I'm tired of women who pick on working women. Those women who stay at home and dabble in glitter and glossies, and look down the tips of their pointed nose at those women who had to work. My grandma had 9 kids, she worked in her home, in her garden, milking cows, sitting up with sick cows, and anyone who thought she didn't work is crazy. 

My mom worked as a nurse in OB/GYN and then as a nurse anesthetist. She raised my brother and I. We didn't get skimped when we were growing up. Then things changed, she still worked, but we got a stepdad 3 years after my dad died. 

She remarried after my dad died, and then we felt like we weren't cared about. She thought she had to live up to my stepdad, when in reality he needed to figure out what he wanted in life. He didn't just marry my mom , he got 2 stepchildren who were aching for a word of praise. There is still some bitterness, but the man is dead so God Rest His Soul. I could never understand how my mom could subjugate our feelings to his. He had this idea that he was now THE BOSS and we would kowtow to his word. Didn't work that way. 

And you know what, when my spousal unit got into Amway, Patriarchal Religion and the like and he pulled that If You Aren't For Me You're Against Me crap he got a word or two. Doesn't say in the Bible that you have to be meek and submissive to your spouse. Christ says to love your spouse like you love the church. These so-called "Reformers" twist the word of God to their own tune and it dangles in the wind.

Ok rant over.
I'm in a feisty mood. So Later and I do mean this week! 


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  2. Who is the Lady Lydia on your comment? and how did that get approved????

    OK. yeah. the Rapture. I hope no one drank any Koolaid. I never thought about them selling their worldy goods, did they sell them specifically to atheists? Did they go to some atheist swap meet and then did they have enough time to spend all the money they got?

    By the way, we do still have a couple of more hours here in the Northwest. And i'm all out of wine.

  3. also do you want me to kick some Lady Lydia ass? Or is that a joke?
    Let her be warned about my buff arms!

  4. JoJo she's a woman who lives in the midwest and pontificates on how a woman should stay at home and be a wife and mother and decorate in all shades of pink with cabbage roses and such.

    Her husband is a preacher and as such she thinks she is a mouthpiece of Christian virtue. Anyone who disagrees with her obviously is sick.

    She's pissed at me because she took eggs that were brought for an offering in lieu of a tithe and used them herself instead of donating them to a food bank and I pointed it out to a group of women who follow these blogs to snark and call them out.

    I feel sorry for her because honestly, how many little girls who love science and nature will be deterred from following their dreams by being taught that the only good daughter is one who stays at home until Prince Charming comes to court her, take her authority from her father and sees her as a brood mare to fill his quiver so he and the rest of the patriarchal dominionists can over throw democracy and install a theocracy in this here country. Long winded, I'm sorry.

    I deleted it. See the new blog post for my answer to her.

    da bunny

    PS Did you know that Betty - Skips in her Dreams- passed away this week. That's 3 ladies in 4 months.
    She had a massive stroke.

  5. Thanks for the explanation and thanks for what you were trying to do. But i imagine it is futile. I did here about Skips, but i have to admit that i do not remember her. Cat told me she posted on the Wombat threads and i never went there. I did remember Library Goddess and Joker's Wild though.

    I just read your new post too. I was actually hoping it was some kind of joke.