07 May, 2011

That's what it is gang, for real, for sure.....

Well we're still packing. I think we'll be packing till the last bit. But I have hope and I think that I'll have my stuff like shoes and handbags done tomorrow. I'm not planning on changing handbags till after we move, especially since I just got 2 new Coach purses. I love Coach. I got this one:
which is a Chelsea for a gift from a good friend. I was going to buy it myself but I found a bag that I really wanted and the friend said, well hey, I didn't get you a Christmas present this year so here it is! So I got this one, which I also have in a soft light blue for myself:
It's called a Zoe. When I first bought the blue one they had a lemon yellow and a green one. I wish I had bought the yellow one, but I like this taupe one just as well.
Well a blogger that I've read and snarked about for awhile has flounced off again. There was a posting last week that their puppy was ill and she was treating it with chicken broth and soft food. Apparently the puppy had parvo and died. I've seen dogs die of parvo, it's not pretty. You take the dog to the vet and get it treated. It's the only way. I lost my best friend of a dog to gastric torsion. It was common to her breed and we thought that at age 8 she'd beat the odds. I was wrong. I have her ashes on the bookcase and talk to her every day. This blogger has an aversion to doctors. Her kids aren't vaccinated (I won't get into that pot because we had issues with vaccinations in the late 80's.)and she doesn't take them to well child visits,  so why would she take her dog to the vet?  And this past week she's been showing off her dresses. Honestly, she either gets them 2 sizes too big or she has no idea how awful she looks. She won't wear skirts and blouses because "it takes too much time to mix and match". Okay. Sad but true.
The trainwreck has up and relocated again. She was so sure Louisiana was the place for them, her boys and her new bed partner. They moved down there with 4 suitcases, a trunk and 4 backpacks. Into a furnished trailer that was not what it was supposed to be. She got into it with the landlord in the 1st week. I don't think they stayed an entire month before she dragged those little boys out of a place they were getting comfortable in and moved them via Greyhound, the week after the tornados hit the southeast from this tiny town (she found it on the internet and thought it was all white) near Shreveport back up to Lexington,KY where she liked it last year. So now they are living in a motel off of Ver-sai-lles road (not Versailles as my husband loved to tell me) and looking for a place to live. She has some money from her dad's estate, she sold his 2 houses in Michigan and there evidently are some more funds to come. She whines on one page, brags on another, and then tells the world what a sexy momma she is on another. Can we say schizophrenic. And even though she has 6 kids, 4 of whom were taken away from her for her bad parenting, she wants more kids. Wants to have her tubes untied. Then she talks about a semi serious heart condition, her kids are developmentally delayed and one is completely deaf in one ear and whines that the govt can't get her paperwork together fast enough. She moved twice in 3 months and is on govt assistance to boot. OMG, it's something new every day. 

So well that's what it is. 
To my Russian friends:
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