18 May, 2011

Darn isn't strong enough.... DAMN IT ALL

Some blankety blank so and so crashed one of my google accounts and tried to send out email. Luckily Google noticed and I had to change my password. Do you know what a pita that is when you have 2 different email clients? Argh. But on the good side, it won't happen again. 

We had another night of rain and now the wind is blowing. There is a wind advisory up and it's not kidding. I can hear the trees against the motor home. We're going to have to find a place to store the Golden Rabbit.  There is no place at the new house to put her. Hopefully we can find a place that's not too far away and has good security. Where I wanted to store her is all filled up. Drat. Dagnabbit. Darn.

Got some more packing done yesterday. My desk is about 90% taken care of. I just have to do the shelves and then some minor cleanup. I ran the shredder so much yesterday and it overheated and I had to wait an hour for it to cool down. So my recycling is full of shredder paper. If I was evil, I'd open the bags and let it go all over the other recyclables so people would stop rummaging through my trash when it's at the curb. Or this would happen! 

I dont' begrudge people their right to rummage, but don't come up on my driveway to do it. Pretty soon we'll have the lovely little baskets I think, I don't know. Heck I don't know where the power meter is, the gas line hookin or anything at the new house. I'm just flummoxed aren't I?

I have a major headache coming on. It's a combination of the pollen, the stress and the just all around crap I have to put up with:

1. Just because I am the mom, don't call me to give messages to your son. If you have something to say, say it to him, I am not a messenger service.

2. FTB took our tax return and gave 3/4 of it to the IRS,which is ok, but then they took all the rest for the car reg. which they had also sent out a notice to withhold to the co the spousal unit works for. I had to call the FTB to get a copy of the withdrawal which they said was faxed to payroll on 4/27. Why then did 25% of the check get taken on May 12th? So I faxed the copy to payroll myself and I hope this time they fix it. We need the money gang! It was a chunk. 

3. Dearest Daughter. You are a good kid. But you take over my living room and I don't like being relegated to the office to watch stuff on the tube with your dad. I love him dearly, but he drives me nuts sometimes. 

4. Dearest Husband. I hate FRANK ZAPPA. Please don't play his cd's when you are already watching TV at top volume. Drives me nuts.

Later all. Time for a nap.
da bunny

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