22 May, 2011

A Post to My Dear Lady Lxxxx Who Dissed Me!

I don't give a rats ass if you never post one of my comments. They are there for you to read and to see that you are doing a huge disservice to millions of women who have to work and help provide for their families. 
I'm not sick or depressed, I take medication for that. I have a physical disability that makes my life miserable but I thank Jesus Christ every morning that I wake up for the chance to make a change in my life and that of my families.
We are well adjusted, happy and striving to move forward. My husband of 26+ years works hard and is a blessing to us. 
My children are faithful and helpful to me and to my  mom. 
Every morning I pray this prayer:

May the peace of the Lord Christ go with me,
wherever he may send me.
May he guide me through the wilderness
protect me from the storm,
May he bring me home rejoicing,
at the wonders he has shown me,
May he bring me home rejoicing,
once again into our doors.

I'm going to post this on my blog too. 
Don't worry sweetie, I'll read your blog, as I do find some of the paintings lovely, I tend to prefer seascapes and desert landscapes, as the starkness of the land shows the majesty of God and his works. 

Bless Your Heart!


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