27 May, 2011

Friday Shuffle

I got a little speaker system for my Ipod. Nice and portable. Now if the battery will stay charged!

Any way, here's my shuffle.....

1.              Born This Way                  Lady Gaga
2.              Alfie                                    Lily Allen
3.              Lullaby                              Josh Groban & Ladysmith Black Mozambo
4.              Für Elise                           Trans-Siberian Orchestra           
5.              Mack the Knife                 Michael Buble
6.              Snake Lake Blues           Derek & the Dominos
7.              Ring of Fire                      Johnny Cash
8.              Roadhouse Blues           The Doors
9.              Levon                                 Elton John
10.            Cry Me A River                Justin Timberlake

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend and enjoy the best march I ever learned how to play on clarinet and Eb Alto Clarinet! National Emblem!

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