15 September, 2011

I have a friend

Who loves me even though we don't agree on some things. We talk about the Bible, we talk about kids, we talk about dogs ( you gotta love someone who'd have as many dogs as she has kids if her husband would let her), and we talk about life. We talk about how God works in our lives, not the way we want, but how he wants.  We talk about how we pray, it may not be the same way, but it's directed to the same place. We talked about our shared love for fried Jack in the Box Tacos. It's a guilty pleasure and I'd rather have 2 of their cheap-o tacos than the good ones at the Mexican restaurant down the street that drowns theirs in lettuce. She's my friend and I thank God every day for her wisdom, her humor and her steadfastness in the Lord.

I went to my dermatologist today. She's ok. I mean that. I feel comfortable with her. We were going over the list of things that might cause my hives, since my blood tests have ruled out auto immune disease, allergies to medications, food, and what ever. One of the things on the list was pregnancy. I looked at her and said nope, no way on God's green earth. We laughed over that. I'm going back on the acid reflux med even though I don't have acid reflux. It seems to work with the antihistamine that I'm taking to block some receptors. It's not cheap but if it works, I'll be happy. I am tired of seeing the hives.

After the doctor I went to the drug store. Picked up the reflux meds and got some saline spray. The worst thing about these meds is that my nose gets all dried up and I cough all night. This stuff sure makes my nose nice. We've moved all of our prescriptions to the 24 hour pharmacy that's actually open 24 hours.  There are a lot of drugstores open 24 but not all the pharmacies.

da bunny

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