30 September, 2011

Friday and it's time to shuffle on down the road

First off, it's raining, thundering and lightning outside. I'm not on the power strip right now so I figure I'm safe for about a 1/2 hour.
I got the hair cut today and when I was in the parking lot I saw a huge lightning bolt over the peninsula. But no thunder. Odd. In addition to getting my hair cut I got my chin and lips threaded. First time for everything.

So here we go:

  1. Have You Ever Loved A Woman                 Eric Clapton
  2. Love in the Club                                            The Baseballs
  3. Sexy, Sexy                                                    Brian Setzer Orchestra
  4. Rawhide                                                         Frankie Laine
  5. Tell the Truth                                                  Derek & the Dominos
  6. Braveheart (Main Title)                                  Boston Pops Orchestra
  7. Christmas at Sea                                           Sting
  8. One For My Baby                                         Tony Bennett with John Mayer
  9. Organ Prelude on "Bryn Calfaria"                Trinity College 
  10. Moon Dance                                                  Michael Buble                

So later gators!

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