23 September, 2011

Edmund says, It's Friday, shake those electrons Peoples!!!!

Let's Rock!

      1. Battle of Jericho                          Hugh Laurie
      2. Where You Lead                        Carole King
      3. Wonderful Tonight                     Eric Clapton
      4. Scheiße                                                 Lady Gaga
      5. Elizabethan Serenade                 The Mantovani Orchestra
      6. Rocky Mountain Way                Joe Walsh
      7. The Edge of Glory                      Lady Gaga
      8. Cuando Cuando Cuando            Michael Buble
      9. Cold Shoulder                            Adele
      10. Bitch                                          The Baseballs
Warm and muggy today. Dry lightning starting fires out in the desert. I wish it would rain here for a decent amount of time.

Nothing big or exciting for this weekend. 
Happy First Day of Fall!!

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