02 September, 2011

Edmund says it's time for a Shuffle! 2 Sept 11

1.            Allelya: A New Werke                                    Anonymous 4
2.            Don’t Cha                                                            Baseballs
3.            Songs Like This                                                Carrie Underwood
4.            Ringtone                                                            Weird Al
5.            Quitter                                                            Carrie Underwood
6.            Some Words From the Powder                        Garrison Keillor
               Milk Biscuits
7.            Wanna Be Starting Something                        Michael Jackson
8.            Viva Las Vegas                                                Band From TV
9.            Crocodile Rock                                                Elton John
10.          I’ve Been ‘Buked                                                Chanticleer

Formatting is your friend or so they tell me. 

Have a good one!

da bunny

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