21 September, 2011

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 23

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 23

By Amulbunny   
September 21, 2011
FOR TODAY actually Tonight!

Outside my window… Dark and windy, fog is here.

I am thinking       it’s not fun being a hive person

I am thankful for… lots of good magazines to read

From the learning rooms… Beats me today

I can't believe … my daughter got a tattoo

From the kitchen… potluck tonight, tomorrow short ribs

I am wearing  jeans and a top

I am creating   a recipe

I am going   to watch NCIS reruns

I am reading… Julie Garner

I am hoping… I relax tonight

I am hearing… kids laughing playing video games

Around the house… Dog found squirrel in tree

One of my favorite things… molasses cookies

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.           Clean the fridge out
2.           Shred away
3.           Take the dog to the shampoo place

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

 da bunny

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