10 March, 2012

Where'd the back ache come from?

I've had shoulder problems for nigh onto 9 years now. But the last few days I've been having really bad problems with my lower back. I was standing in line at the pharmacy when it hit like a bomb. I've got pain meds, but I have to drive and I'd rather not take that chance. So I'll do my shopping with my daughter and then come home, take a pain med and try to get comfortable. I'll also look for my rice pack and use that. So I've ordered 2 things from Amazon that should help, a heating pad and a rice pack. I've got a small rice pack but it doesn't last long enough.

Out to do some shopping with my daughter. She's looking for jeans and our favorite store has jeans on sale. Love to find sales like that!

da bunny says later peeps

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