04 March, 2012

Road Trip

My mom called me after she got home from church today and she was pretty upset. A friend of ours is dying. She is the same age as my husband and is dying from untreated melanoma. Being fair complected and a true redhead she was at a higher risk than some. She let it go and she has refused any and all medical treatment, though now she is using hospice. Why she is doing this is beyond me. She's well educated, Stanford MA, and is so talented. But she's dying of a disease that had she sought treatment for she might have survived. She's got a daughter who's pregnant with her 2nd child and a husband who adored her. They will be left without her. Her mom and dad are friends as well. There are times you don't know what to pray for.

On to better things. So my mom was kind of blue. She picked me and my daughter up this afternoon and we headed east. We went out towards Riverside. We went to the California Citrus Grove State Historical Park. Picked up some things in the gift shop, got back on the road and went to the Riverside National Cemetery to see if the new stone was placed on my MIL's grave. It wasn't. We drove around the cemetery and looked at the memorial for the Medal of Honor winners. It's very fitting. Back on the road and we stopped at Evelyn's Farm Market in Riverside, got some oranges and vegetables and headed home. Driving west with the sun setting is not fun. The traffic was good though and we didn't slow down at all. Thank goodness for the diamond lane.

Yesterday after a nice family brunch at the beach with my cousins from Illinois, the spousal unit and I went to Westchester and the roof of a Ralph's store where there is a parking lot that overlooks the north runway complex at LAX. It's hard to see but there are 2 Qantas A380's parked in a holding area and a Singapore Airlines A380 sitting at a gate at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. As we were leaving we saw the Korean Airlines A380 floating in the pattern to come in. Big Airplanes.
We then drove west to the beach which is past the end of the runways at the west. It was a lovely day, light winds, moderate temps, and lots and lots of sail and power boats on the ocean. We saw some sightseeing helicopters buzzing up and down the beach. It was a wonderful day to sit and watch the water.

This morning it was already in the high 70's when I got up. I let the dog outside and he decided to lay in the sun for a while.
Looks very regal for such a little guy.

Next week has some appointments and perhaps a surprise or two.

da bunny


  1. Was your family friend despondent and depressed? Why would she not seek treatment? If i were diagnosed with anything i would try everything until it seemed like it wasn't working. But at least do something.

    1. She is a crunchy granola living in the woods well educated person. She hasn't seen a doctor in years because she got mad at medicine when she had to have a Csection instead of a natural childbirth. Never mind the child would have died had they not acted. So she decided that all doctors are quacks. Now she is dying and even her MD brother could not convince her to seek treatment.

  2. i can't post because those squiggly things are so hard to read that when i type them in they don't recognize them! Let's see if i get a better one.