15 March, 2012

muscle relaxers and pain pills

I have moderate arthritis in the cervical vertebrae of my neck. Sometimes it doesn't bother me, but other times I have a time dealing with it. So I took some action and went to the doctor. Got some meds to take and hopefully this flair will be over soon. They are referring me to another specialist to see what can be done about my neck. I had surgery in 1966 to remove most of my sternocleidomastoid muscle from the left side of my chest, in the hopes that the torticollis affecting my skull would resolve itself. It is accompanied by cervical dystonia. Not a nice thing. So I've dealt with the impact of this for over 45 years. Affects my driving, typing, nerve impulses to the fingers on the right hand. A whole potpourri of problems. 

It started out cold and wet this morning, lots of fog. Sidewalks were wet and there were drip spots off the roof. It's just a precursor to the storm we are expecting this weekend. It's warmer in Central Wisconsin right now than it is in southern Ca. Go figure. And global warming is a joke? I don't think so. 

Not much else new and exciting. Just the same old same old.

Da bunny says Bye!

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