10 March, 2012

Saturday Night's All Right

The kids are off to a birthday party with 2 containers of cupcakes, a box full of liquor (designated driver is assigned) and we're all by ourselves.

Normally we'd be watching some odd science show on the Science Channel or History oddities on H2. The real situation is that my husband had to go out on a frivolous call last night at 215AM because the on call guy was sick (drunk actually) and he didn't want to go out to Riverside. Since the husband is a stand up kind of guy, he told him to call the boss and get it Ok'd. So he drives all the way out to Riverside to adjust a lock that could have waited till this morning. He said and I quote, " It took me longer to write up the service ticket than it did to fix the lock!".

All the clocks that I can change are changed. I hate this early spring forward crap.

Bah humbug.

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