29 March, 2012

Mom and Me

I'm a grown woman. At least in appearance and in age, but there's that free wheeling kid who loved to drink, dance and party in her 20's still in the back of my head. There were many Saturdays in college when I got up and went to work with a fuzzy head. I loved Fridays to go out to dance bars.

But as with all things, time passes. With that comes responsibility. I'm my Mom's helper. She's 87, lives at home, drives herself, and is pretty independent. But she got sick last week and it really threw her for a loop. She was hospitalized after an 16 hour ordeal in the ER. She had a horrible sinus infection which was due to a virus that got her. The infectious disease doctor that she saw said it is in near epidemic proportion in our area of the county. Scary stuff, since I'm on an immunosuppresant and my immune system is compromised. So far so good, no symptoms.

I make sure she's doing ok, drive her places and go to her doctor's appointments with her. She doesn't like her hearing aids so I go and listen to the doctor and then tell her what is going on. I'm on her accounts and on her safe deposit box. That way if anything happens I can pay the bills on the house and keep things in check.

I've got to get things done. So later peeps.

da bunny

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  1. Wow, your mom is doing pretty well for 87 years old. And i can imagine it did throw her for a loop when she got sick if she is used to doing so well. I forget that we are not that freewheeling person sometime. I talk to some folks on our bowling league and realize how funny it is that they are my friends and i think of them as just like me, yet i can be their mom.

    I hope your mom bounces back quickly and that you stay healthy!