24 March, 2012

Been really busy

My 87 yr old mom spent 3 1/2 days in the hospital. I'm still formulating my rant about the ER so this won't be it. Being the sibling in the neighborhood (the other one is 1900 miles away) it's up to me to make sure that she's taken care of, her meds are current and she sees the doc when she needs to. As I tell people, I'm the good child as opposed to the perfect child.

Today I woke up with my sinuses all congested. I am hoping my allergy pill will take care of it. I can't afford to be sick like Mom. My chest is feeling like an elephant is sitting on it.
Not good.

The children went to see the Hunger Games today and they said it was marvelous. I am glad they saw it. I want to see it as well. I loved the book and when I saw still shots of the actress playing Katniss walking with the guards, that's exactly how I had pictured her in my mind. Not too sure about Woody Harrelson playing Haymitch. Maybe?? I read the three books in 4 days. They were so interesting that I couldn't put them down, or actually put the Kindle down.

Listening to a young Whitney Houston sing. Sad. Such talent thrown away to drugs.

Peace and out.

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