11 March, 2012

Sunday in the dark with Duffy

I don't like daylight savings time. It messes up my circadian rhythm and my sleep cycle. Don't like it one little bit.

Trying to read a book and I can't keep my eyes open. No reason. Guess that's the body telling me to take a nap.

Sunny and windy, mid 60's out the window. Dealt with drunk kids last night, one of mine and one their friend. Lucky we had a futon to crash on. I'm a good mom. I rub my kids back and tell her she'll live. Why these kids mix drinks is beyond me. Stick with one thing.

Had one tiny shoot of hair on my chin. Damn I hate that. Finally it came out enough that I could grasp it with tweezers. Sucker was a good 1/4 long under the surface. No wonder it bugged me. Pretty soon I'll go and have the chin, lips, and eyebrows waxed.

Nothing else to say. Peace and out.
da bunny out

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