03 February, 2012

Friday shuffle and a quick memory

I was born to an older dad. He had one previous marriage and had a son who was born a year before my mom. This son, who was a POW in WW2, always treated my brother and I like his little brother and sister. He was married and had 1 child when my folks got married. When my mom was pregnant with me his wife was pregnant with their 2nd child. He is 6 weeks older than I am. My half brother died 3 years after my dad died. His wife had to raise their pre teen son alone as their daughter was married and living on air force bases. From what I can recall, his son loved his Mom.

Then the son got married and as with some families, there was an estrangement. The son stopped seeing his Mom and his wife was not interested in letting her see their kids. So my niece who by this time had settled close to her mom, was the closest family that cared. But their grandmother was said to have put a tidy sum away for each grandchild. Whether or not that is the case, if it is so, I wonder what the son will think.I was chastised by his wife for telling the kids as "they never had a relationship with their grandmother". Still family is family and they lived 6 miles apart and never spoke. Now his Mom is dead. I told his wife via message that I send my sympathy to him, because no matter what else, she was his Mom and she did the best she could. I think personally that his wife wanted him to put her family first in everything, to hell with his.  RIP Mary. I hope the fish are biting in heaven.

Now on to happier times:

  • Home                          Michael Buble
  • Oh, Carol                    Neil Sedaka
  • Angel Band                 The Stanley Brothers
  • You Belong To Me     The Doobie Brothers
  • China Grove                The Doobie Brothers
  • War Again                   Balkan Beat Box
  • Heaven's Bright Shore   Alison Krauss & Union Station
  • Love is Strange            Mickey & Sylvia
  • 'Round Midnight          Thelonious Monk
  • Dust on the Bottle        Tim McGraw

Tonight's a kind of blues night. Just a bit sad. 

da bunny

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