13 February, 2012

shiver....and.. Another tangled web she weaves.....

Remember this from last week?
 Part of Satan's power of the air may include UFOs, aliens, and the air waves, such as TV and radio. Keep watch; don't become deceived or desensitized. For the unsaved religious, the spiritual, the secular, and all others, the prince of the power of the air may utilize programing via the media, TV, radio, etc. - programing people's minds to think the way the false god of this world wants them to think.

So this was on there today:
- I have too many educational dog shows DVRing. I'm going to tweak it so that we don't get so many.
- I am ANNOYED at this season of Biggest Loser. I'm my opinion, it is absolutely the WORST season ever, and I'm considering not watching it anymore, because the drama and immaturity is unacceptable.

So what do we conclude? They have cable and she watches TV, DVR's shows, and the aliens don't bother her. Why do I read there? I guess because it's come to be such a trainwreck. Dollars to donuts she'll post her hate for Valentines Day as a Catholic; therefore evil, made up holiday.  It's a Hallmark Holiday to me. I don't want candy and flowers, but having someone cook dinner might not be too bad. 

This is providing me with minutes of amusement.
And to those who think I'm mean, it's copied and pasted from those posts she doesn't archive. Ever wonder why? It's so people like me don't go back and find the inconsistencies that she will deny never took place. Open your eyes! 

Peace and out!
da bunny

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