14 February, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Got a hug from my oldest and a squeeze from my youngest. Haven't seen the spousal unit since 0645 this morning when he left on a job up in Santa Maria.

Never was much for flowers and candy though a nice dinner would have been fun. It's hard when this is his week on call. Oh well, the overtime will be very nice.

Nothing wacky or crazy on the other front I guess. I didn't pay much attention to tell the truth. I had a lot of stuff to do today. Tomorrow I have to pick up a friend from the airport at 0920 and then get him home, come back and pick up my son and go downtown to get a burial permit for my MIL whose ashes are sitting on my mantle. She's being interred on Friday. 

Am getting a cough again. Don't like that at all. I was at Bible Study and I couldn't stop coughing and I didn't have my cough drops with me. Dumb move. 

Happy Valentines Day.
Ash Wednesday next week.
Then Lent.
Then St Patricks Day
Then Easter.
In fact instead of giving up something how about doing something for someone every week. Be helpful, throw some change in the Ronald McDonald House bin at McD's, see someone hungry, buy them a sandwich and a bottle of water, let someone on the freeway change lanes even though you were there first. 

da bunny

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