21 February, 2012

Cooking... or I read recipes and my kids love my food....

Ah the joy of cooking. I cook because it makes me happy. I read cookbooks, save recipes, and find the favorites that my family enjoys. I can make a killer spaghetti sauce, my secret is a touch of sugar. 

The blogger I read sometimes posts her recipes and shows pictures of them. She posted her recipe for mac and cheese and she mentioned that she puts raw onions in it. Sorry, that's not even appetizing. I commented with a spicy chipotle mac and cheese and she posted it. Then she got some replies that praised her raw onions and she deleted my comment. Guess I wasn't reverent enough for her. Oh well....sorry about that. I don't consider opening a can of tuna and putting a spoonful on a piece of lettuce with a slice of pear on the side lunch either. Of course she doesn't tell her readers that she's a taco bell and mountain dew kinda gal either. 

I'm no paragon of virtue, I'll admit that right out.As I've said before I don't lie. Exaggerate once in a while, yes, imply something, perhaps, but out and out lie nope. 

Today I put my little Christmas tree outside to get some sun and a plant that we got at my MIL's funeral. Adds some color to the ugly front part of our house. I think I'll go to the nursery and get some plastic large containers and fill them with colorful plants. I need some color. And get some containers, a couple of tomatos and peppers and start them too. I used topsy turvy's before and if I can find some that aren't an arm and a leg, I'll pick up a couple, hang some hooks and start my garden. Unfortunately the spot where I want to start a garden is still full of crap, i.e. a dinghy that will never sail again. I don't think they will ever finish this cleanup. In fact here's a picture I took a few minutes ago:

I truly don't think they will get it done anytime soon. It could be a nice area. 

In the meantime it's an eyesore.

Something a little more inspiring. 
da bunny

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