08 February, 2012

And the crazy comes out even more. . . . .

 Part of Satan's power of the air may include UFOs, aliens, and the air waves, such as TV and radio. Keep watch; don't become deceived or desensitized.
 For the unsaved religious, the spiritual, the secular, and all others, the prince of the power of the air may utilize programing via the media, TV, radio, etc. - programing people's minds to think the way the false god of this world wants them to think.
 Oh yeah, Satan lives on Mars! With the rest of the fallen angels and the planet died because of it:

The Second Heaven is – Outer space. (see Genesis 15:5; Genesis 22:17; Genesis 26:4; Deuteronomy 1:10; Isaiah 13:10; and Isaiah 14:13)…
The fallen angels could have inhabited planets, since they were in the second heaven…This could have been so. Mars shows evidence of dried lakebeds, extinct volcanoes which at once could have been active, and that the tectonic plates used to move, but not anymore. Mars now shows the marks of a dead planet. I think that it is very possible that some of the fallen angels may have inhabited Mars for a short time, but killed the planet.

This comes from the person who watches netflix, has satellite for her TV, and many many "secular" shows on DVD. Give me a friggin break.

If I didn't have a sinus headache I'd go ahead and find out where it was copied and pasted from.

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