08 June, 2011

An Old Hippy Woman's Day Book Page 9

A Hippy Woman's Day Book Page 9


By Amulbunny   
June 8, 2011


Outside my window… June gloom. Overcast and cool, but the birds are singing.

I am thinking… that it sure is a lot quieter here than the old place.

I am thankful for…a safe move.

From the learning rooms…..  It’s good to save all your documentation.

I can't believe … my dishwasher doesn’t work and I can’t turn on the oven.

From the kitchen… I think I’ll do teriyaki chicken breasts and noodles.

I am wearing… ancient denim shorts, slippers and an old Mickey Tee Shirt.

I am creating…peace for me.

I am going…unpack another kitchen bin.

I am reading… a book about Barbara Villiers and Charles 2.

I am hoping… that things get resolved with DOL.

I am hearing…the Casey Anthony trial.

Around the house… Looking better.

One of my favorite things…. Strawberries from Camarillo.

A few plans for the rest of the week… 
1. Unpack 1 bin at a time.
2. Take some sorted books to Goodwill.
3. Doing some more dishes.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing…
Someday I am going to go to Alaska with my husband. He can go to Nome with GPAA and prospect for Gold and I'm just going to enjoy God's beauty. 

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  1. Outside my window… June gloom. Overcast and cool, but the birds are singing. (Same exact answer as you amulbunny~!)

    I am thinking… That i wish i hadn't run today because the Scotch Broom really F$#(%s up my allergies.

    I am thankful for…my house being back to normal (after two months of remodel!)

    From the learning rooms….. Always remember it takes twice as long as you think it will. (remodeling, that is, though it does apply to a bunch of other stuff too.)

    I can't believe …That Weiner was SO incredibly sophmorically stupid.

    From the kitchen… A Stone Smoked Porter. LOVE that dark beer!

    I am wearing… a tank top, a pair of pajamas that my friend louie/louie made me and a light sweater.

    I am creating…nothing. I'm getting ready to turn on my DVR and watch some Chelsea Lately.

    I am going…see above.

    I am reading… Border Songs - a local author who writes about the Border Patrol between Canada and Washington State.

    I am hoping… that Sarah Palin runs for President. LOLOLOL.....

    I am hearing…OH that Casey Anthony trial is the best thing since OJ~! But right now i'm not listening to anything.

    Around the house… Looking better.(Mine too!)

    One of my favorite things… Unencumbered time.

    A few plans for the rest of the week…
    1. Ride my new bike.
    2. Do some touch up painting.
    3. Get a haircut.