25 June, 2011

Answer to a statement

Another blogger who I won't identify says that the US has gone to hell in a handbasket because women are working and their families are neglected. Their homes aren't cleaned to an inch of perfection, their children are thieving hooligans and most of all their husbands aren't worshipped.

You know what I say to that:

Come out of your pink, bedazzled, cabbage rose cage and smell the coffee or Earl Grey. Read a history book. Read about Victorian households since you strive to be a Victorian/Edwardian woman and see who made the households run. Not the fancy ladies drinking tea from china cups but the hardworking women who left their homes to cook, clean, garden, and raise said women's children.

Now that my blood pressure has come down, I am off to a lovely afternoon of Home Depot, lunch, and fixing our Jacuzzi so I can sit in it with my beer and cogitate on world peace.


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