04 June, 2011

I'm not doing this again for awhile

I am going to stay in this house for a while. I tossed and threw out more bags of trash and stuff that had made previous moves and were never opened. I found all my vinyl records, packed too many boxes of books and I know that there is a reason for everything.

This house has a few things that need to be tweaked but I think we can handle it. The plumbing was messed up and we still can't use our dishwasher. All in good time. But our bedroom is larger, we have 2 full bathrooms that work and are nice. 

I am going to get a good nights sleep tonight and tomorrow drive to Camarillo to see a friend and do some shopping at the outlet mall. The Corningware store is calling me.

So peace to all and a quiet good night. amulbunny.


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