23 June, 2011

lalala lalala lalala

Things here at the ranch are settling down. This weekend we hope to get the Jacuzzi cleaned out, sanitized, filled and use it. The wonderful tub is lovely too. The kitchen is shaping up, but I've still got boxes of books to go through. I think I may move them out to the garage and do it later. I really do want to be able to use my closet and hang my clothes up. Maybe tomorrow.

Where we live now is so quiet compared to the old place. We are just up the street from the railroad tracks and we don't hear it at all. We get jets taking off from Long Beach flying over and today the blimp shadowed me. I got so used to sirens and cars and trucks driving by that now the silence is almost deafening. 

I went to a 2nd opinion doctor yesterday. An insurance doctor. The kind who does a cursory exam of you to tell your insurance company whether or not you are lying to them about your injury. It was in Santa Monica and I know nothing about Santa Monica. But I had good directions and even though I had to drive around a block I figured out where I was going. And of course parking costs an arm and  a leg. 1.50 for every 20 minutes. I could have looked for metered parking which I get for free since I have a disabled sticker but I didn't want to. 

So it's a bit of a ramble and it's time to go to bed. 

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