28 October, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth and Edmund's Shuffling Along

First the shuffle, then the rant

    1. Sanctus, A Community Mass                           Richard Proulx
    2. Baby Be Mine                                                  Michael Jackson
    3. War Again                                                        Balkan Beat Brothers
    4. Still You Turn Me On                                      Emerson, Lake and Palmer
    5. Feel Like Making Love                                    Bad Company
    6. I Ain't Got You                                                The Yardbirds
    7. Curmudgeon                                                     Nirvana
    8. All Over Again                                                 B. B. King & Mark Knopfler
    9. Tube Snake Boogie                                          ZZ Top
    10. If I Had A Boat                                                Lyle Lovett & Jimmy Buffet

So. My.Rant.

Today we drove out to Downtown Disney, which is adjacent to Disneyland and California Adventure. My dear daughter is leaving tomorrow for a week in Chicago and she wanted to get some specific pins for her twinnie and family. We went to two different places to get them, both of them Disney Pin Trader areas. (At the last one, I would have sworn it was Ed Grimley waiting on us). 

Since I didn't need to go wander through the many expensive stores selling needless items at grossly inflated prices, I watched people. A lot of people getting ready to go the Park in costume for the Halloween Haunt, of all ages. And then the stroller babies. I have a thing about babies, wee tiny babies who are dependent for all their needs from their parents going to amusement parks.

  1. The parents can't ride the good rides together.
  2. The babies don't care about Fantasyland, the princesses, the unique smell of Disneyland popcorn.
  3. The babies could care less about Small World and the boats.
I'm just a mean old lady but my kids were 5 & 7 when they crossed the gates of the magic kingdom. They could enjoy it, my daughter hated Captain Hook when she met him, but my son was enthralled. Now as adults they take advantage of their passes and go at least once a month. 

Wait till your children can appreciate it. A 5 month old baby doesn't care. 

Rant over.

Hives are really bad today. 
Cards won the World Series. 
Life is okay. 
da bunny lady

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