13 October, 2011

It's hot out today

The thermometer said it was 97 outside and it really was right. It was so hot and very low humidity. I don't like heat. I could never live in the desert. I need my marine layer and fog and cool temps. This should be our last gasp of summer.

I have been a little down this week. Just a wee bit. Nothing that can't be fixed but I am kind of blue.

I've been having some really strange dreams lately. And Air France has figured prominently. Why? I've never been on one of their flights. I used to talk to the Air France employees at the airport when I worked at T2. Their passengers not so much, I don't know what is about the French but they have their own way of doing things. Perhaps because I spoke a little of la langue and could tell the smokers where to go smoke, I had better encounters than others. I love France, la midi, la touraine, the city of lights, the west coast, it's a beautiful place. And I'd love to go back. I felt when I got to a certain place in the touraine that I had been there a long time previous but I'd had a good experience. Perhaps a former life? I don't know. *and to the guy that's been invading my dreams, it's been fun and we can run away together here, no?*

My shoulder is really bothering me. Usually it signals rain coming. I hope so. I don't want to take any meds, it's so hot that I'll sweat all over everything..
So I'm just ramblin on and on. Oh, I love Hugh Laurie's new CD. It's wonderful. 

So have a nice end of the week. 
Later gators.
da bunny

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