03 October, 2011

Rain? Rain? Come on rain, come on down!!

Yes, the forecast models say rain tomorrow and Wednesday. I'll have to go pick up a couple of bundles of wood to burn in the fireplace just to christen the new place. I also have to order a screen for the fireplace but I found lots of reasonable ones on Amazon so that I can do on Thursday or Friday.
I picked up hopefully my last Rx for the month. I can't figure out why he won't give the one for 90 days since all the rest are. But I'll use my last refill and hopefully common sense will rule. 
I've been following the Conrad Murray trial and unlike other high profile trials this city has seen, this one seems to be run by a judge who brooks no nonsense. He runs his courtroom by the minute and he keeps the attorneys in line. I do feel some sympathy for the Jackson family who have sat in the courtroom and heard that their son and brother was dead for a long time before the paramedics got there and then was transported because Murray didn't want the death on his hands. It's really a fiasco.
So my cheeseburger pie is baking, people will be clamoring for food soon. When the rain comes I am going to bake cookies. I'm mentally ready for cold weather, long sleeves and sox. 

Peace and out.
da bunny

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