22 October, 2011

I shuffled up the coast and forgot Edmund, Here's the shuffle!

Yesterday wasn't a banner day. It was rather a down day. So I shined on the Shuffle.

Today I drove up the coast through Malibu to Camarillo and back. Spent some money on serving dishes and shoes and I'm happy.

Let's see what Edmund wants to play tonight? Shall we? We Shall:

  1. Que Me Quedes Tu                           Shakira
  2. Bach, Mass in B Minor, Gloria          The Sixteen, The Symphony of Harmony and Invention
  3. Island Girl                                          Elton John
  4. My Girl                                              The Temptations
  5. Since You've Been Gone                   Aretha Franklin
  6. Mocking Bird                                     Ike and Tina Turner
  7. Moondance                                        Michael Buble
  8. Yesterday                                           Leona Lewis
  9. A New Day Yesterday                      Jethro Tull
  10. Beer Run                                           Garth Brooks

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