20 October, 2011

Rental Car

The other guys insurance came through and our car is in the shop. He gave me a reservation number at Enterprise and we went over there to get a car to drive. They want $$$ as a deposit. I looked at them and said what? If we were ordinary off the street city Residents we'd have to produce utility bills, wage statements and a 400$ deposit if we'd use a debit card. My son had enough to put a deposit down, so we rolled out with a Ford Focus. Nice car. An awful lot of hassle to confirm identity. My utility bills are online, basically every bill I have is online. What do you do then? This area isn't exactly upper class, but it's not the bottom of the barrel either.

I hope this weekend is low key and without any traumatic occurrences. It would be nice to have things be settled. I do have to go shopping and buy some things to send to my swap partner from my message board buddy. I know what I want to get, some relaxing fun things to pamper her self with. So I'll do that and enjoy it when she gets her package. 

I got a letter from the insurance company that I have through the agency. They are going to stop being providers to our group. I wrote a letter to the overseers to find out where I send my paperwork for the change. I hope they answer in a timely manner. Like before open season is over. 

da very tired and very worn out bunny.

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