10 May, 2012


Today was one of those days. My mom picked me up and I drove her to the orthopedist who is a really nice doctor. He agreed that she should go back to therapy and she will. Then we braved the aisles of Costco, she pushed the cart, while I ran the aisles. Trader Joes was next and I strongly suggested to her that she should get Cookie Butter. OMG, that stuff is like crack. 

Tomorrow morning we'll be at it again. This time to the Alpine Market to pick up some wonderful tasty German pickles for our dinner on Sunday. Sunday we're having seafood lasagna for our Mother's Day dinner. Mom loves it, I can make it, and my husband thinks it's wonderful. I would prefer a nice steak, baked potatos and some carrots and parsnips parboiled and cooked in a nice orange juice glaze. I'll get myself some nice boneless thin pork chops, sauerkraut and mashed potatos and make it for myself one night next week. 

After I got home, I called my friend because he wanted to get a Starbucks and chat for a while. It was pleasant to see him and we talked for about an hour about things we've seen while apart. We used to be quite the pair, going places and doing things that ranged from conventions to concerts to just hanging out around the pool. He has a birthday this week and turns 67 and is going to Catalina for a couple of days to relax. 
Lucky him. 

Have a good start to your weekend.

da bunny

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