16 May, 2012

Chili con carne not chili macaroni.

When I was growing up chili was tomatos, some ground chili pepper, hamburger, some onions and macaroni. This was the norm. Probably the same norm that a good number of households in the primarily German/Polish area of the state we lived in.

As I got older, my tastes were refined. I found that chili, in this state is not the same as what I grew up with. It can be red or white, with meat, with beans, one with one and some with none. Kidney beans could be replaced with pinto beans, black beans, broad beans.

I've pretty much come to a conclusion that there is not one right way to make the soup. So today I've cut up 2 sweet onions, thrown in some crushed garlic to sweat in oil, 1.3 lbs of choice cut up beef sirloin, 1 can of crushed tomatos, 2 cans of fire roasted tomatos, 1 can of chili tomatos, 1 large can of red kidney beans, 1 regular can of black beans. To that I added a mixture of dark ground chili pepper, ground ancho chili, ground chipotle chili, ground red pepper flakes, some Spanish paprika, and 1 shot of Chipotle Tabasco. Now it's simmering on the back burner and in about 2 1/2 hours it will be food. This is is:


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