05 May, 2012

Dream another dream of me....& a comment re that person who says I'm mean

Last night I had another one of those dreams with someone who I really used to like a lot. If it ever came true I'd be Alice in Wonderland and then some. I wasn't even thinking of this person. And there were others who were complicit in the dream as well. Like running through barriers separating sides of a runway from a street... and it ending up somewhere totally different. Now if I'd been drinking, you know I might understand it.


And she flounced and came back. And she did the same damn thing almost exactly 1 year ago. Wild.

She's reinventing herself into a parable of fascinating womanhood. And taking over an innocent FB group too. Sorry C, you're a fake. Pure and simple. Get over yourself. Try to be honest, realize there are valid versions of the Bible. You'd have a hard time in France and Spain telling them the KJV is the only version of the Bible. Later honey pie.

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