25 January, 2012

Weather or Not?

Monday it was 55 degrees and pouring rain. Today it was sunny and clear and it was 80 here by the coast.

Now when I say by the coast, I am saying go about 3.5 miles west down the street at the intersection you will most likely run into the Pacific Ocean. I used to live in a beach community 9 streets up from the beach. Here it's a little further east. We get the afternoon cooling, the breeze and fog from the coast. I like where I live. Of course the property could be spruced up a bit, the owner could mow the lawn, cut back the plants that are over growing the walks. I go out and cut back the bougainvillea so the succulent plants can breath and grow. I have to wear gloves when I do that, as the stickers are sharp and nasty. Our side yard is a disaster, looks like a junk yard still. The owner told my spousal unit today that he'd get to it soon. I am not holding my breath.

Ours don't bloom. They are dirty and ugly. 

I'd like to get some bare root roses now and get them in some planters, but there's too much crap where I want to put them. Once the stuff is gone, I'm getting a few and I will take good care of them. I am tending a little Christmas tree. It's growing and it's in the sunlight so it's a happy little guy or gal. Do trees have genders?

When we moved in here, the front gate, was totally awful. You had to shove it to get in. Mainly lack of attention to it. Between the spousal unit and the son, in 1 hour it had a door knob and a latch and was working well. No more having to throw yourself at it to get in the yard. It has a horrible sign on it and I think I'm going to go to a hardware store and get something different. 

Peace. Later. Out.
Time to go take the big stuff out of the crockpot, put in some cornstarch mixed with water, thicken, add big stuff back in and serve over white rice with just a touch of vinegar in it.



  1. Those are GORGEOUS! Makes me wish for summer. Though i have to say when i got off work today for the first time it was not total darkness and that always feels good the first time that happens.

  2. They aren't mine. The ones here are against a shitbrown wall and are basically wild. I've got to get in there with long sleeves and gloves to get them under control.