07 January, 2012

Shuffling along while watching the Detroit Lions. . .

I'm having a bit of trouble typing with ye olde trigger finger, hopefully after the 15th I will get a referral to an ortho who can fix it....hope springs eternal you know.

I'm really enjoying my Kindle. It's such a blessing. I have started Anna Karenina with a book club. It's kind of dry. Tsarist Russian fiction such as it is. The Romanovs were interesting without any fiction but I will persevere and read it.

Shuffling along:

  1. Take it Easy                             The Eagles
  2. Lewis Boogie                          Waylon Payne
  3. Bach:Viola de Gamba BMV 19028              Yo Yo Ma, Kenneth Cooper
  4. Kool Life                                 House of Gypsies
  5. Rumor Has It                           Adele
  6. Thank You                              Led Zeppelin
  7. BBQ Stain                               Tim McGraw
  8. Ivory                                        Various Artists
  9. A New Day Yesterday            Jethro Tull
  10. Truckin'                                   Grateful Dead

So have a happy Saturday Shuffle, raise a glass to your friends, love your family and hug your pets.

da amulbunny


  1. My husband is watching the game in the back room. Course i would have to go for Louisiana if i cared. But i don't.

    I have never read Anna Karenina because i could only imagine it being dry reading. I am not sure i love my Kindle Fire yet, but i bought a Kindle Fire for Dummies book to help me navigate it. I think i will mostly use it for magazines and not books so much, unless they are Harlan Coben or trashy escape kind of reading....

    I like your shuffle play cause i know most of the artists!

  2. I like being able to do the Prime thing and check out a book free every month. I'm reading Moneyball now, took a break from Tsarist Russians. I want to see the movie.