15 January, 2012

a birthday party

Wow we got invited to a 60th birthday party today.

It seems odd that most of us are creeping to that age with more agility than our parents did.

I'm close enough to feel the ice starting to close around me age wise. But if 40 was tolerable, 50 was decent , I hope that 60 will be wild.

Peace and out.

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  1. amulbunny, i now understand why my dear condo pool buddy friend Dorothy used to tell Brian and me. That she still thought like a younger person and didn't feel old, even though she was in her 80's.

    I still think i'm 32 years old in my head. For example I'm pretty sure that The Black Keys would not love a 55 year old white suburban secretary is part of their demographic.

    And this birthday i will be 55. I remember how old my own parents seemed even when they were only in their 40s and how very old and out of touch they were when they were the age i am now.

    But i feel pretty good and i feel healthy and fit and that makes me proud to say how old i am. Even if it means pushing 60.