14 December, 2011

Thoughts on the Duggars and their loss

I am sorry that they lost their 20th child to a miscarriage.

I am appalled that they would use People magazine for their updates, have their fame whore niece post pictures of the whole family smiling like monkeys at the memorial service, and mask their need for "privacy" with their greed to get TLC to carry their show another season. And who posts an obituary for a fetus? Plus shows pictures to the whole world at a memorial service while having an open box for the coffin? FAME WHORES!

Michelle is not much of a mother. Once the kid is weaned off it goes to their buddy and the buddy (girl of course) basically raises the child. She's addicted to having babies, and that's it. Why doesn't she show some concern for her children, like the young boy who fell into an orchestra pit in Atlanta and the first thing Mom does is whip out her IPhone and take pictures all the while smiling like a deranged monkey. 

Their last child, Josie, seems to be suffering developmental delays and we never hear of any therapeutic work for her. She's nearly 2 and can't walk yet. Jim-bob's tired saying of buy used and save the difference doesn't cut it in the world of premature children. How hypocritical is it to thank God for saving the life of their preemie but not acknowledge the learned doctors and nurses in the NICU and PICU who were there round the clock and used their knowledge to tend to her. Michelle was forced to spend more time with Josie, because Josie was hanging on for dear life, literally. And after 19+ pregnancies, you'd think that her uterus was screaming enough already, I'm tired, I'm used up. And who in God's name would drag a fragile young child overseas to show her off. This ended up with Josie having to be hospitalized in Israel and being flown home with a doctor on the plane. 

Knowledge that  the Duggar children won't be able to know because of their devotion to the ATI mindset and Bill Gothard, who teaches that higher education is not necessary for women, because their goal in life is to be a wife and mother. No matter what, no birth control, natural family planning, or abstinence, because Gothard teaches you have to have a quiverfull to fight this big old mean world. Gothard's standards also dictate dress standards, how to wear your hair and patriarchy. 

Thought I'd throw that in at the end. Where the father is the BOSS. And the sons are the boss, and the wife and daughters are the chattel, like cattle in the feedlot. Where the almighty penis seems to infer superiority. Where daughters stay at home till their Prince Charming comes to call, court, and marry, usually within a few months. Where other daughters sit at home and watch the years pass by and no Prince Charming knocks on their door, so they wind up as old maids, still living under Dad's thumb, under educated, no job (women working is EVIL) and trying to STAY SWEET. Where people go from not touching, holding hands, hugging,of the opposite sex to marriage in less than a month or two usually? Unprepared, unknowing, except that the husband is the boss and he can treat you if he wishes as less than dirt. I'd sure as hell not want to marry someone I didn't have anything in common but religion. Not having long unchaperoned visits, not being able to talk on the phone unless there was someone else in the room or on an extension. Yeah right. What is the sense of going from 0-60 without some instruction? 

Ok I don't believe in this kind of blind devotion to the teachings of a 70 something man who never married. As is my opposition to priests not being married. How can you counsel someone in a relationship if you live without a partner? Books teach you, but common sense and practice mean a lot more. 

I thank God that I was born into a family who treasured education, who believed that Christ's grace was freely given to all, who didn't mind that their children worked before and after marriage. 

/rant over

And this isn't even all of them. There were 6 more born after this.

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  1. Oh my gosh them smiling at the baby memorial, I have not seen that, that is so wrong..