04 December, 2011

Sunday sentiments

1.  This Packer game is pretty wild. They're getting more opposition than they've seen all year.
2.   I was reading the new budget for the church, I am not thrilled they are giving the organist a raise. If she could play a decent service, then I wouldn't bitch. But the girl has no idea regarding a real prelude and postlude and playing all four parts of a hymn. She's got an organist's edition of the liturgy and hymnal but prefers to play out the congregational hymnal and improvise. She's not a good improvisor either.
3.  I have discovered that if I take my immunosuppresant with milk, it doesn't bother my stomach that much. So I get a glass of milk in the morning as well as at lunch.
4. I need to get this house in order for the rest of the decorations to go up.

Happy Holidays!

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